The reconstruction of the world after so many years of war must be based on efficient industrial organization. The type of organization required should be established along sound lines from a proper consideration of individual relations between men.

The author, from a studious survey of his experience as an executive, emphasizes as essentials in the formulation of definite laws of organization: The necessity of having an objective in the mind before beginning to work; the exclusive concentration of each man to definite functions; the avoidance of confusion and conflict of authorities; the proper division of departments in order to insure that each executive has complete control of all the factors affecting the success of his function; the creation of divisions which will develop specialists; the provision for permanency by training men to fill the positions of their superiors; the exact definition of the duties of each employee and of his relations to the others; the logical selection of personnel according to individual qualifications; and the creation of a standard manufacturing practice.

Valuable suggestions are also given in regard to the question of establishing an efficient administration. Delegating authority to subordinates, overlooking minor details, listening to wise counsel and arousing initiative in employees are recommended as important points in the exercise of industrial authority.

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