The fundamental transverse oscillations of a liquid jet which impinged upon a flow splitter were examined for a wide range of dimensionless splitter distance, nozzle exit Reynolds number, and dimensionless frequency. The results are presented in the form of a design map. The data, taken at low nozzle aspect ratio, reveal that fundamental (stage 1) oscillations can exist for Reynolds numbers up to at least 7000. Up to Reynolds numbers of about 3000, the jet behavior is Reynolds number dependent for all values of splitter distance. Beyond Reynolds number of 3000 the jet behavior is independent of Reynolds number. In general, the Strouhal number, based on nozzle exit-splitter distance, decreases with increasing values of splitter distance. Jets issuing from nozzles with no parallel development sections were considered. Jet nozzle shape influences the dimensionless frequency of oscillation in that the effect of a vena contracta formation outside the nozzle exit is to yield a higher value of dimensionless frequency relative to nozzles which produce parallel flow with small boundary layer thickness at the exit. Similar decreases have been found for two-dimensional jets. Of the above findings, the only comparable results for two-dimensional jets are variations in Strouhal number with nozzle exit-splitter distance.

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