Fracture toughness data are presented for two ASTM A533 Grade B Class 1, 12-in-thick plate submerged arc process weldments. These data were generated in accordance with current ASTM recommended toughness testing procedures using compact tension specimens up to 8 in. thick. The toughness (KIc) properties show a strong temperature dependence resulting in rapidly increasing toughness with increasing temperature. Each of the weld deposit materials and also some limited heat-affected-zone data revealed toughness properties comparable or superior to ASTM A533 Grade B Class 1 plate material. Pertinent data relating to the weld parameters and composition, as well as the conventional tensile and Charpy V notch data are also given. For these weldment materials, the high toughness (KIc) properties found provide excellent reliability against brittle fracture in heavy section pressure vessel applications.

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