A centrifugal compressor stage with an unusually high inlet hub/tip ratio of 0.87 was designed for a pressure ratio of 2.0 at a corrected mass flow of 2.45 lb per sec. The geometry was selected so that the centrifugal stage could replace several of the last stages of a multistage axial compressor. The stage was tested with two diffuser schemes. One diffuser consisted of a series of drilled conical pipes, whereas the other employed multirow vaned cascades. Sea level aerodynamic tests of the compressor stage with each diffuser showed a peak total-to-total efficiency at design speed of 83.8 percent for the pipe diffuser and 82.9 percent for the vaned cascade diffuser. Additional tests were conducted with a vaneless diffuser to determine effects of impeller discharge tip clearance and inlet prewhirl on impeller performance.

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