The results of a comprehensive study of the comparative performance characteristics of geometrically similar vented and unvented bistable amplifiers, together with their actual dimensions, are presented. The Reynolds number in the tests ranged from 9,750 to 60,000, Mach number from 0.07 to 0.42, and the power jet velocity from 75 to 460 ft/sec. Each amplifier as conceived and designed was capable of giving a maximum of geometric flexibility which enabled a systematic evaluation of the shape and location of the splitter plate and Coanda-walls. It was found, within the range of Reynolds and Mach numbers tested, that certain gain characteristics and the range of operation of a given unvented amplifier overlap, within a narrow range of P0/Ps and Q0/Qs values, with the corresponding gain characteristics and the range of operation of the vented amplifier. It was also found that a convex-walled amplifier with proper geometry exhibits considerably better performance characteristics than are normally associated with such devices.

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