A complete oil film solution of Reynolds equation is found that takes into account the presence of a point source. The solution gives integrated journal bearing characteristics in finite form. With the load in a vertical plane and the source at the top or bottom of the bearing, two simple universal relationships have emerged between the angle indicating the line of centers (α) and the eccentricity (b). With the source at the base of the bearing and −cos α = b, the plot of coefficient of friction versus the Sommerfeld variable goes through the origin and is essentially independent of bearing length to diameter ratio. Also, lubricant end flow becomes vanishingly small as the Sommerfeld variable approaches zero. With the source at the top of the bearing a friction axis intercept can be obtained depending upon a source parameter, q. With cos α ≈ b/2, a rapid rise in the co-efficient of friction can also be simulated by properly varying the source parameter. Also, lubricant end flow increases monotonically as the Sommerfeld variable approaches zero.

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