Although the purpose of this paper is specifically that of describing the Fluids Engineering Laboratory at the University of Michigan, it is clear that an understanding of the faculty philosophy underlying the planning of this unit is a necessary part of the document. This is an age of technological expansion, the rate-of-change of which exceeds any progress the world has hitherto known. The seeking of new knowledge and the application of that knowledge is the work of an ever-increasing number of competent scientists and engineers not only skilled in a technology but equally successful in the art of human understanding and relationships. Institutions of higher education are an integral part of this technological age and, because of this fact, find themselves confronted with the task of foreseeing the educational and research needs of the future. This is an immense task, one which is occupying many of the best minds of this generation. The technological and social progress of the coming generation depends upon the continuing flow of students emanating from our institutions of learning. They must be adequately prepared for the responsibilities which they alone can assume.

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