Data showing the isothermal strain-cycling capacity of three metals, Inconel, Hastelloy B, and beryllium are presented. It is noted that at frequencies of 0.5 cycle per min the data satisfied an equation of the form Nαϵp = K, where N is the number of cycles to failure, ϵp is the plastic strain per cycle, and α and K are constants whose values depend on the material and test conditions. Data on Inconel are given to establish the effect of grain size, specimen geometry, temperature, and frequency. It is found that, at temperatures above 1300 F, grain size and frequency exert a pronounced effect on the rupture life. Fine-grained metal survives more cycles before failure than coarse-grained material. Long time cycles shorten the number of cycles to failure when the strain per cycle is low. Thermal-strain-cycling data for Inconel are compared to strain-cycling data at the same mean temperature. Good correlation is found to exist between the two types of tests.

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