Two systems of evaporation-cooling for condensate to be circulated through generator and lubricating-oil coolers on steam turbines are described, and charts provided to facilitate certain calculations to determine the operating power required and consequent losses or gains to the steam cycle. An example of each system has been worked out, each with two different steam-pump efficiencies. A few comments have been made regarding the possibilities of design of suitable steam pumps. There seems to be no reason why such systems could not be designed and operated satisfactorily. No attempt has been made to compare these evaporation systems with other methods of doing the cooling. The author considers that power-plant engineers and operators are in a much better position than he to offer informed opinions of such comparisons. It seems evident that whenever the condensate from the condenser is cool enough to be used directly, there is no reason to consider the evaporation systems. It is possible that one of the two evaporation-cooling systems may compare favorably with the use of raw-water or raw-water-to-condensate heat exchangers when the condensate temperature is too high to be used directly.

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