Because of current War Department regulations, the name and location of the power company whose additional facilities are discussed in this paper cannot be divulged at the present time. Originally the power station, established in 1923, incorporated turbine-generator capacity in two units of 75,000 kw, supplied by 375-psi, 750 F steam at the throttles by five boilers having a continuous steam-generating capacity of about 1,000,000 lb per hr. Early in 1940, economic and engineering studies were undertaken by Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation, leading to improvements in the economy of the station and additional generating capacity. The result is the installation of a 25,000-kw superposed turbine generator with one boiler having a continuous steam-generating capacity of 650,000 lb per hr at 1825 psi and 960 F at the superheater outlet. This forced-circulation boiler is the first of its type ever installed in this country and is 85 per cent greater in capacity than any of similar type installed in European plants. The authors discuss comprehensively the details of this boiler and its operation.

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