The steam generator consists of two parallel circuits of seamless-steel tubing supplied with feedwater at one end, and delivering steam from the other end at any desired pressure up to 3500 lb. per sq. in. and at a maximum temperature of 830 deg. fahr. The changes which take place in the circuit are measured by means of thermocouples and manifolded pressure connections. The unit is controlled automatically by a system which uses the Thyratron vacuum-tube circuit. A set of charts is presented showing the operation of the automatic control on a swinging load. The tests reported in the paper indicate the effect of (a) varying the steaming capacity at constant pressure and temperature, (b) changing the pressure at constant capacity and temperature, and (c) increasing the steam temperature at constant capacity and two different pressures. The temperature and the pressure changes through the water and steam circuit are shown graphically. Data are also presented on the heat-transfer rates through the furnace-wall tubes. The results up to date indicate that this steam generator will operate successfully at any pressure between 1500 and 3500 lb. per sq. in. and at a maximum temperature which is limited by the materials used. Automatic control held the steam pressure and temperature nearly constant throughout the range of operation.

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