In this paper the author describes conveying equipment installed at the Crockett, Calif., plant of the California and Hawaiian Sugar Refining Corp. First, a general description of the plant layout is given, together with an explanation of certain conditions which demand large storage facilities for both raw and refined sugar. Among the types of conveyors described are belt conveyors, depressed floor conveyors, slat conveyors, a specially designed screw conveyor, and various portable and semi-portable conveyors. The duty to be performed by each of these types is mentioned, and the maintenance problem is discussed. An interesting weighing conveyor, which receives the bagged sugar directly from the steamer, is described. A part of the paper deals in an explanatory manner with the very interesting central-control board, through which the entire system is under instant control. An interesting comparison of manual and conveyor handling is given, with the figures well in favor of the latter method.

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