This paper presents an investigation of numerical simulation for a dilute particle laden flow (laminar) over in-line tube banks. Particles behavior of two different sizes and density (100 μm sand and 40 μm fly ash) is demonstrated through the present study for a fixed geometry and flow condition, that is, a square in-line tube bank of two rows deep with pitch-to-diameter ratio of two at Reynolds number 400. Dilute particulate flow assumption is used and the drag force is considered as the only external force term that affects the particles behavior in the flow. Experimental rebounding data and semiempirical equation for the erosion estimation are used. It was found through the present simulation that the particles behavior of the different sizes and density in tube bank system is quite different in their trajectories, impact and the erosion pattern. The protective role of the first row of cylinders could be supported with respect to the particles collision on the cylinder but not necessarily to the erosion point of view. Also the information at impact such as the impact velocity and the impact angle which affect the erosion (Tabakoff et al., 1988) can be estimated by using the numerical simulation shown in the present study.

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