Several viscous incompressible two and three-dimensional flows with strong inviscid interaction and/or axial flow reversal are considered with a segmented domain decomposition multigrid (SDDMG) procedure. Specific examples include the laminar flow recirculation in a trough geometry and in a three-dimensional step channel. For the latter case, there are multiple and three-dimensional recirculation zones. A pressure-based form of flux-vector splitting is applied to the Navier-Stokes equations, which are represented by an implicit, lowest-order reduced Navier-Stokes (RNS) system and a purely diffusive, higher-order, deferred-corrector. A trapezoidal or box-like form of discretization insures that all mass conservation properties are satisfied at interfacial and outflow boundaries, even for this primitive-variable non-staggered grid formulation. The segmented domain strategy is adapted herein for three-dimensional flows and is extended to allow for disjoint subdomains that do not share a common boundary.

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