The results of an experimental work concerning the behavior of flows with partial cavities are presented. The tests were carried out using a plano-convex foil placed in the free surface channel of the I.M.G. Hydrodynamic Tunnel. The experimental conditions concerning ambient pressure, water velocity, and body size were such that various and realistic kinds of flows could be realized. The main flow regimes are described and correlated to the values of foil incidence and cavitation parameter. Attention is paid to the shedding of large vapor pockets into the cavity wake and its possible periodic character. Aside from classical consideration to the cavity length and shedding frequency in the periodic regime, results concerning the wall pressure distribution in the rear part of the cavity are given. They lead to distinguish thin, stable, and closed cavities from the thick ones in which the reentrant jet plays a dominant role for the shedding of vortical structures and the flow unsteadiness.

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