The length scales appearing in the relations for the eddy viscosity and dissipation rate in one-equation models were evaluated from direct numerical (DNS) simulation data for developed channel and boundary-layer flow at two Reynolds numbers each. To prepare the ground for the evaluation, the distribution of the most relevant mean-flow and turbulence quantities is presented and discussed, also with respect to Reynolds-number influence and to differences between channel and boundary-layer flow. An alternative model is examined in which (v′2)1/2 is used as velocity scale instead of k1/2. With this velocity scale, the length scales now appearing in the model follow closely a linear relationship near the wall. The resulting length-scale relations together with a DNS based relation between v′2/k and y* = k1/2y/v form a new one-equation model for use in near-wall regions. The new model was tested as near wall component of a two-layer model by application to developed-channel, boundary-layer and backward-facing-step flows.

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