An experiment in forced vibration was conducted to study the fluid-induced rotor-dynamic force on an impeller whirling along a trajectory eccentric to its undeflected position in the presence of cavitation. The prescribed whirl trajectory of the rotor is a circular orbit of a fixed radius. The force measured is a combination of a steady radial force due to volute asymmetries and an unsteady force due to the eccentric motion of the rotor. These measurements have been conducted over a full range of whirl/impeller speed ratios at different flow coefficients without cavitation for various turbomachines. A destabilizing force was observed over a region of positive whirl ratio. The range of flow conditions examined for a centrifugal impeller in a spiral volute has been enlarged to include cavitation. Compared to the non-cavitating condition, cavitation corresponding to a head a loss of three percent did not have a significant effect upon the unsteady force. However, a lesser degree of cavitation at the design point increased the destabilizing force for a particular set of whirl ratios.

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