The method of Levi Civita is applied to an isolated fully cavitating body at zero cavitation number and adapted to the solution of the inverse problem in which one prescribes the pressure distribution on the wetted surface and then calculates the shape. The novel feature of this work is the finding that the exact theory admits the existence of a “point drag” function or eigensolution. While this fact is of no particular importance in the classical direct problem, we already know from the linearized theory that the eigensolution plays an important role. In the present discussion, the basic properties of the exact “point-drag” solution are explored under the simplest of conditions. In this way, complications which arise from non-zero cavitation numbers, free surface effects, or cascade interactions are avoided. The effects of this simple eigensolution on hydrodynamic forces and cavity shape are discussed. Finally, we give a tentative example of how this eigensolution might be used in the design process.

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