A quasi-static fluidelastic analysis is developed for a single flexible cylinder surrounded by rigid cylinders and subject to cross-flow. Although the analysis is quasi-static, it includes a frequency-dependent term which arises because of flow retardation around the front stagnation region of the cylinder. The combined effect of this flow retardation and of the fluid force field is to produce, for some intercylinder patterns of motion, a negative fluid damping, acting in the sense normal to the flow direction. Using this analysis, the effect of array pattern of the adjacent rigid cylinders is investigated, and it is shown that for some geometries a single flexible cylinder will become unstable while for others it will not. For those array patterns which the theory indicates to be potentially unstable, the variation of critical flow velocity with mass-damping parameter is obtained and compared with available experimental data. In general, the comparison is good, indicating the validity of this analysis.

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