A synthesis of observations of flow in a three-dimensional lid-driven cavity is presented through the use of flow visualization pictures and velocity and heat flux measurements. The ratio of the cavity depth to width used was 1:1 and the span to width ratio was 3:1. Flow visualization was accomplished using the thymol blue technique and by rheoscopic liquid illuminated by laser-light sheets. Velocity measurements were made using a two-component laser-Doppler-anemometer and the heat flux on the lower boundary of the cavity was measured using flush mounted sensors. The flow is three-dimensional and is weaker at the symmetry plane than that predicted by accurate two-dimensional numerical simulations. Local three-dimensional features, such as corner vortices in the end-wall regions and longitudinal Taylor-Go¨rtler-like vortices, are significant influences on the flow. The flow is unsteady in the region of the downstream secondary eddy at higher Reynolds numbers (Re) and exhibits turbulent characteristics in this region at Re = 10,000.

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