This special issue of the Journal of Energy Resources Technology highlights 11 papers presenting studies into recent challenges in petroleum engineering. Most of the selected papers were presented at two ASME international conferences on Ocean, Offshore, and Arctic Engineering (OMAE)—31st OMAE in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and 32nd OMAE in Nantes, France. Additional two papers have been added due to their relevance to the subject matter of special issue.

As the petroleum technology undergoes transition from conventional to unconventional so does the petroleum engineering as academic discipline—in teaching and research. The transition process is driven by demand for extracting new subsurface sources of energy (geothermal), producing petroleum from the source rock (shale), or from new types of reservoirs (tight rocks and deep water), or adopting the wellbore technology for subsurface disposal/storage of pollutants (CO2 sequestration).

The papers have been organized by major areas...

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