Accurate predictions of annular frictional pressure losses (AFPL) are important for optimal hydraulic program design of both vertical and horizontal wells. In this study, the effects of drillpipe rotation on AFPL for laminar, helical flow of power law fluids are investigated through theoretical, study, flow models were developed for concentric and eccentric pipe configurations assuming that pipe rotates about its axis. A hybrid-analytical solution is developed for calculating AFPL in eccentric pipe configuration. Computer simulations indicate that the shear-thinning effect induced by pipe rotation results in reduction of AFPL in both concentric and eccentric pipe configurations. The pressure reduction is most significant for concentric pipe configurations. For conventional rotary drilling geometry and pipe rotary speeds, the reduction in AFPL is small. A number of laboratory experiments conducted on the full-scale TUDRP flow loop are generally in good agreement with the results of modeling. Available fileld data, however, consistently show an increase in AFPL. This behavior is explained by pipe lateral movement (swirling), which causes turbulence and eventually an increase in AFPL.

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