In order to analyze the performance of packed columns for dehumidification processes, calculation of the mass and heat transfer coefficients of the packing material used in the column is necessary. This paper is concerned with the interface transfer of heat and mass when air is brought into contact with the liquid desiccant mixtures. A theoretical study of heat and mass transfer analysis in an air-desiccant dehumidification contact system (packed column) employing liquid-desiccants, namely calcium chloride (CaCl2), lithium chloride (LiCl), and a new liquid-desiccant mixture (Cost-Effective Liquid Desiccant, CELD) consisting of 50 percent lithium chloride and 50 percent calcium chloride is studied. Mass and heat transfer coefficients for the gas and liquid phase, by use of 0.5-in., 1-in., 1.5-in., and 2-in. ceramic Rasching rings, are calculated. The findings for the three liquid desiccants are compared and discussed.

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