Alternative bow forms have been investigated for the “M. V. Arctic” in a test program sponsored by the German Ministry for Research and Technology and the Transportation Development Centre of Transport Canada. The “M. V. Arctic” is a Canadian Arctic Class 2 bulk carrier of 28000 dwt which operates between the Northwest Territories and Europe during the summer and fall months. The tests were conducted at the Hamburg Ship Model Basin using a 1/30th scale model fitted with three different forebody forms. These included the Thyssen/Waas design, a new design by Melville Shipping Ltd., Calgary, and the existing bow form. The tests were performed in ice, still water and irregular seaway. The Thyssen/Waas icebreaker system includes a novel bow form and employs an unconventional icebreaking technique. The system has been successfully tested in model and demonstrated in full scale with the modified icebreaker “Max Waldeck”. The Melville design uses a conventional form incorporating the latest technology. This paper describes the model tests and discusses the relative performance as indicated by the test results. The investigation has shown the potential for the use of the Thyssen/Waas bow form on icebreaking cargoships such as the “M.V. Arctic”.

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