A guyed tower offshore platform differs from conventional fixed-base platforms in the way environmental loads are resisted. Horizontal wave, wind and current loads on a guyed tower are resisted by an array of guylines attached to the upper end of the structure rather than by a conventional fixed-base foundation. One of the key aspects of designing a guyed tower is the selection of a guying system that can adequately resist the anticipated environmental forces. Inclusion of guyline dynamics in an analysis of guyed tower motions is necessary to accurately predict maximum tower tilt and maximum guyline tensions in the design storm conditions when the clump weights are lifted completely off the sea bottom. The inclusion of dynamic loads on the guylines will increase the maximum tension in the guylines and reduce the maximum tower tilt induced in the platform by environmental forces. Because the dynamic motions of the tower and guylines interact, it is necessary to couple these two systems to predict the response of both systems accurately under storm conditions.

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