Theoretical and experimental study on dynamic behavior of submarine pipelines under laying operation with articulated stingers is described in this paper. Wave response tests in regular waves and forced oscillation tests in still water were conducted using the 1/20 scale model of 406.4 mm o.d. (16 in. o.d.) pipeline laid in 150 m (500 ft) water depth. The results show that: 1) the maximum dynamic bending moment of pipeline MDmax occur at a stinger roller, 2) dynamic bending moment of pipelines MD at shorter periods are larger than those at longer periods, 3) the values of MD in an over-bend region depend highly upon stinger motion, 4) those of MD in a sag-bend region are less than MD max in an over-bend region, 5) the values of MD/HMY increase as the stinger volume increases and that 6) stinger motion at shorter periods are different from those at longer periods.

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