Mechanics of Materials and Interfaces: The Disturbed State Concept, by Chandrakant S. Desai, CRC Press LLC, Boca Raton, Florida, USA 2001, 698 pp.

Describing the behavior of materials as the interplay of two limiting states is a powerful concept likely to lead to elegant and economical (in terms of assumptions and parameters) formulations. This book presents a comprehensive development of such an approach, based on the Disturbed State Concept (DSC) pioneered by the author himself. Although many of the applications refer to civil engineering and geomechanics problems, the approach is general, and there are in fact application presented to a wide range of materials, from asphalt concrete to ceramic composites, metals, alloys in electronic packaging and silicon. The DSC approach is also applicable for modeling the behavior of interfaces and joints.

The Introduction chapter sets the contents of the book in a very broad context that reflects the philosophical...

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