Industrial Electonics: Devices and Systems, Second Edition, by Dale R. Patrick and Stephen W. Fardo, The Fairmont Press, Marcel-Dekker, Inc., 2000, ISBN 0-88173-320-2 (The Fairmont Press), 0-8247-0501-7 (Marcel-Dekker), 671 pp., Price $195.00


Dale Patrick and Stephen Fardo have produced a very good resource on devices and systems for any engineers. By “any,” this reviewer is emphasizing the ease at which the material is presented. The book covers a broad spectrum of topics. Several chapters are worth noting. Chapter 1 is an overview and uses a systems concept in presenting ideas. A very good definition of an “industrial system” is provided with each part of the system clearly defined. Chapter 2 addresses industrial electronics sources and power supplies dealing with system energy sources both AC and DC. Particularly worth noting is the nice job of defining single phase versus three phase...

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