This paper examines the effects of device and leadframe configurations on the stresses encountered in typical Dual-in-Line plastic packages. The parameters studied include the die size, the die pad size, the location of the die with respect to the die pad center, and the die coating configuration. Special piezoresistive strain gages deposited on dies of varying sizes are used to map the stress profile across the die surfaces after molding. Finite element simulation of these effects is also conducted. Results indicate that the compressive stresses from the molding compounds are governed with diminishing influence by the size of the die. Furthermore, rather high compressive stresses are observed in the vicinity of the edges of large dies. More subtle effects are found for the influence of the die pad size, the aspect ratio of the die, and the extent of the die offsetting with respect to the die pad center. Finally, by surrounding the die with a thin trail of silicone gel to provide for lateral cushioning, stress reduction is slightly more effective than in the standard “glob-top” coating.

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