In this study, fluid flow and heat transfer in two-dimensional staggered thin rectangular blocks in a channel flow heat exchanger is analyzed by the Finite Analytic Numerical Method. The heat exchanger consists of four staggered thin rectangular blocks at temperature T1 placed inside a channel which is formed by two plates maintained at constant temperature T0. The fluid is considered to be incompressible and the flow laminar. Flow and heat transfer from the inlet of the heat exchanger to the outlet are simulated by solving Navier-Stokes and energy equations. Results were obtained for different block spacing and different size of the blocks. Computations were made for Reynolds numbers 100, 500, and 1,000, and Prandtl numbers 0.7 and 4.0. The results are presented in the form of velocity vector fields, isotherms, and local and global Nusselt numbers. The characteristics of the heat transfer and pressure drop in different block size and block separation are analyzed. The optimal length of separation between thin blocks and the optimal block length for maximum heat transfer are determined.

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