The development of highly active and stable electrocatalysts is a major challenge for water electrolysis. In this work, we designed a NiCo-NC carrier with excellent performance, which was pyrolyzed by the core-shell structure of Ni-ZIF-8@ZIF-67. Then, the low-Pt supported Pt@NiCo-NC catalyst was prepared by the impregnation liquid-phase reduction method. During the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER), the catalyst exhibited an overpotential of 13.7m millivolts and stability in an acidic medium at a current density of 10 mA · cm−2. It is worth noting that the overpotential and Tafel slope of the catalyst are both smaller than commercial Pt/C, indicating high catalytic activity. The presence of bimetals and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) not only improves the hydrogen evolution activity of the catalyst, but also enhances the electrochemical stability. It can be expected that this work will provide important insights for studies based on catalyst supports and improving performance.

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