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Team Building (The Technical Manager's Survival Guides)

Marcus Goncalves
Marcus Goncalves
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ASME Press
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The knowledge economy of the 21st century brings a very elusive future. Business executives do their best to proactively prepare for what is to come. However, by the time they hear it approaching, they often discover that it is still quite some distance away; or worse, it already passed! The speed of business today brings about what Evan Schwartz called a digital Darwinism.

More than ever before, team leaders need to be smarter, faster, more innovative, and more adaptable. They must be able to lead their teams with unprecedented vision and execution to keep pace with evolving technology and customer needs. As Schwartz writes in his book,

“The world's biggest companies are gating toward a future in which much if not most of their purchasing invoicing document exchange, and logistics will be transferred from stand-alone computer networks connected by people, paper, and phone calls to a seamless Web that spans the globe and connects more than a billion computing devices.”

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