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Energy Supply and Pipeline Transportation: Challenges & Opportunities

M. Mohitpour
M. Mohitpour
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ASME Press
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Of importance and issue is the regional security of supply of oil and natural gas as fossil fuel and transportation to the market area. A significant volume of oil is traded internationally by oil tankers and oil pipelines. About two-thirds of the world's oil trade (both crude oil and refined products) moves by tankers. About 43 million barrels per day of that trade is crude oil. Tankers have made global (intercontinental) transport of oil possible, as they are low cost, efficient, and extremely flexible. However, they are obvious targets—bulky, slow, and hard to maneuver.

Countries∕regions that currently provide major supply of such fuels are also (or potentially in the short to medium term) confronting significant economic, political, or other issues that could affect domestic or world oil and gas markets. The countries∕regions with the implications of the security threat are listed in Table 7.1

Oil transported by sea generally also follows a fixed set of maritime routes. Tankers anywhere are vulnerable. However, the global repercussions of attacking a single ship on the high seas are not great. The danger lies in particular straits through which many tankers must pass every day. Major sea routes are

• Strait of Hormuz, leading out of the Persian Gulf

• Strait of Malacca linking the Indian Ocean (and oil coming from the Middle East) with the Pacific Ocean (and major consuming markets in Asia)

• Bab el-Mandab passage from the Arabian Sea to the Red Sea

• Panama Canal and the Panama Pipeline connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

• Suez Canal and the Sumed Pipeline connecting the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea

• Gibraltar Straits connecting Mediterranean Sea to Atlantic

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