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Guidebook for Waste and Soil Remediation: For Nonhazardous Petroleum and Salt Contaminated Sites

George Holliday
George Holliday
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Lloyd Deuel
Lloyd Deuel
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ASME Press
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With the increased environmental and regulatory sensitivity associated with the operation of earthen pits, it would be proactive for an operator working in a state with minimum regulations to adopt clean closure practices that embrace the best engineering and cost-effective techniques available. Obviously the goal is to close pits using responsible and environmentally sound procedures in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and∕or agreements with the land owner(s).

Closure techniques addressed in this chapter are intended to provide oil and gas operators and Regulatory Agency with information on the key steps in designing and implementing pit closures. These guidelines are intended...

9.1 Introduction
9.2 Site Closure Considerations
9.3 Decommissioning
9.3.1 Sampling Pit Liquids
9.3.2 Sampling Pit Solids
9.3.3 Analyses
9.4 Closure Options
9.4.1 Pit Liquids Disposal
9.4.2 Pit Solids Disposal
9.5 Minimum Management
9.5.1 No-Closure Option
9.5.2 No-Closure Option Considerations
9.6 Burial
9.6.1 Basic Technology
9.6.2 Applicability of GLC Values
9.6.3 Burial Option Considerations
9.7 Dilution Burial
9.7.1 Basic Technology
9.7.2 Applicability of GLC Values
9.7.3 Dilution Burial Option Considerations
9.8 Land Treatment
9.8.1 Basic Technology
9.8.2 Applicability of GLC Values
9.8.3 Land Treatment Option Considerations
9.9 In Situ Leach for Saline Pit Solids
9.9.1 Basic Technology
9.9.2 Applicability of GLC Values
9.9.3 In Situ Leach Option Considerations
9.10 In Situ Bioremediation for Oily Waste Solids
9.10.1 Basic Technology
9.10.2 Applicability of GLC Values
9.10.3 In Situ Bioremediation Considerations
9.11 Solidification∕Chemical Stabilization
9.11.1 Basic Technology
9.11.2 Applicability of GLC Values
9.11.3 Solidification Option Considerations
9.12 Road Spreading
9.12.1 Basic Technology
9.12.2 Road Spreading Procedure
9.12.3 Applicability of GLC Values
9.12.4 Road Spreading Option Considerations
9.13 Third-Party Disposal
9.13.1 Basic Technology
9.13.2 Applicability of GLC Values
9.14 Pit Closure Documentation
9.14.1 Documentation Procedure
9.14.2 Checklist and Authorization Form
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