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Guidebook for Waste and Soil Remediation: For Nonhazardous Petroleum and Salt Contaminated Sites

George Holliday
George Holliday
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Lloyd Deuel
Lloyd Deuel
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ASME Press
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Extensive research sponsored by EPA (1987) and the oil and gas industry demonstrates the vast majority of E&P wastes are not hazardous. However, many E&P wastes require management to prevent adverse impacts to soil and water. Excessive alkalinity, salts and the dispersed nature of drilling waste solids (lack of physical structure) represent the principal limitations associated with disposal∕remediation of these wastes.

8.1 Introduction
8.2 Soil Reaction (pH) Amendments
8.3 Salinity Amendments
8.3.1 Sodicity Amendments
8.3.2 Solid Phase Calcium in Excess
8.3.3 Solid Phase Calcium Limiting
8.3.4 Organic Matter Amendments
8.3.5 Bioremediation Amendments
8.4 E&P Release Events and Treatment Scenarios
8.5 Scenario I—Light Crude Oil Release on Soil
8.5.1 Considerations
8.5.2 Site Assessment
8.5.3 Remediation Procedure
8.5.4 Calculations
8.5.5 Procedure
8.6 Scenario II—Heavy Crude Oil Spill on Soil
8.6.1 Considerations
8.6.2 Site Assessment
8.6.3 Calculations
8.6.4 Procedure
8.7 Scenario III—Light Crude Oil and Produced Water Spill on Soil
8.7.1 Considerations
8.7.2 Fertilizer
8.7.3 Remediation Procedure
8.7.4 Minimum Management Method
8.7.5 Procedure
8.7.6 Rinse and Fill Method
8.7.7 Procedure
8.7.8 In Situ Leach Method
8.7.9 Calculation of SAR
8.7.10 Calculations
8.7.11 Calculation of ESP from SAR
8.7.12 Gypsum Requirement Determined from CEC and ESP
8.7.13 Procedure
8.7.14 Dilution Burial Method
8.7.15 Assumptions and Calculations
8.7.16 Calculations
8.7.17 Calculations: Limiting Constituent
8.7.18 Procedure
8.7.19 Land Spreading Method
8.7.20 Vegetative Restoration
8.7.21 Tillage Requirements
8.7.22 Seeding
8.7.23 Fertility Requirements
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