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Pipeline Pumping and Compression Systems: A Practical Approach

M. Mohitpour
M. Mohitpour
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K. K. Botros
K. K. Botros
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T. Van Hardeveld
T. Van Hardeveld
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ASME Press
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Mechanical analysis entails a number of common and related aspects of pumping and compression as they relate to rotating equipment, both drivers and driven equipment, and its interaction with attached piping systems. The various combinations of driver and driven equipment pose unique problems with respect to their rotordynamics that have to be recognized and mitigated by the designer. These include both lateral and torsional rotordynamic effects. In addition, the pumping or compression process may impact the associated piping system, or conversely, the rotating equipment can be adversely affected by piping design. All of these factors, therefore, are important for both...

11.1 Introduction to Mechanical Analysis
11.2 Basic Aspects of Vibration
11.2.1 General
11.2.2 Mechanical Natural Frequency and Resonance
11.3 Mechanical Analysis of Rotating Equipment
11.3.1 General
11.3.2 Lateral Rotordynamics
11.3.3 Stability
11.3.4 Torsional Rotordynamics
11.3.5 Specific Machinery Considerations for Rotordynamics
11.3.6 Balancing
11.4 Mechanical Analysis of Piping Systems
11.4.1 Excitation Mechanisms
11.4.2 Vibration and Stress
11.4.3 Unbalanced Forces
11.4.4 Small-Bore Attachments
11.4.5 Thermal Analysis
11.4.6 Centrifugal Compressors
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