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Everyday Heat Transfer Problems: Sensitivities to Governing Variables
M. Kemal Atesmen
M. Kemal Atesmen
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ASME Press
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Every year when Thanksgiving comes around, the question of a turkey's cooking time in an oven looms. This is an unsteady-state conduction heat transfer problem in spherical coordinates, whose solution can be found in References [1], [6], [11], and [16]. The turkey is assumed to be stuffed and in a spherical shape in which the spatial variations of temperature are only in the radial direction. Turkey also has constant thermophysical and physical properties in space and in time. Energy balance in the radial direction, r, for a small increment of time, t, gives the following partial differential equation for the temperature-time distribution for a turkey:
A closed form solution to Eq. (18-1) can be obtained by applying the following initial condition:
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