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Fundamentals of Agile Project Management: An Overview

Marcus Goncalves
Marcus Goncalves
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Raj Heda
Raj Heda
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ASME Press
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When I talk of agile, I am immediately reminded of the orientation trips organized by many business schools these days. These trips take students to an outdoor spot, where they are given an adventurous assignment. Very few ground rules are set and then the team is left on its own. The team has to come together, know each other, utilize each ones strengths and then venture into unknown territory to achieve a known target. The team members communicate with each other and review performance all through the activity. The team can ask questions to the orientation masters during each activity,...

Principles of Agile Development
Extreme Programming (XP)
Whole Team
Planning Game
Small Releases
Customer Tests
Test-Driven Development (TDD)
Pair Programming
Collective Ownership
Simple Design
Continuous Integration
Coding Standard
Sustainable Pace
Open UP
Lean Programming
Eliminate Waste
Amplify Learning
Decide as Late as Possible
Deliver as Fast as Possible
Empower the team
Build integrity
See the whole
Feature-Driven Development (FDD)
Domain Object Modeling
Developing by Feature
Individual Class (Code) Ownership
Feature Teams
Regular Builds
Configuration Management
Reporting/Visibility of Results
Dynamic System Development Method
Project Life-cycle
Crystal Clear
Frequent Delivery
Reflective Improvement
Osmotic Communication
Personal Safety
Easy Access to Expert Users
Technical Environment
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