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A Quick Guide to API 510 Certified Pressure Vessel Inspector Syllabus

Clifford Matthews
Clifford Matthews
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In any item of structural or pressure equipment there is a need to avoid the occurrence of brittle fracture. As we saw in API 571, brittle fracture is a catastrophic failure mechanism caused by the combination of low temperature and a material that has a low resistance to crack propagation at these temperatures. Under these conditions a material is described as having low toughness (or impact strength) — i.e. it is brittle. Impact strength is measured using a Charpy or Izod test in which a machined specimen is impacted by a swinging hammer.

12.1 Avoiding brittle fracture
12.2 Impact exemption UCS-66
12.3 ASME VIII section UCS-66: impact test exemption familiarization questions
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