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A Quick Guide to API 510 Certified Pressure Vessel Inspector Syllabus
Clifford Matthews
Clifford Matthews
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ASME Press
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This chapter is to familiarize you with the general welding approach contained in sections UW of ASME VIII. API 510 is for in-service inspection of vessels and therefore most welding carried out will be repair welds, rather than welds carried out on new systems. API 510 also makes it a mandatory requirement to comply with the welding rules contained in ASME VIII.

Take a quick look at the scope of sections UW-1 through to UW-65 of the code (which are all of the UW sections). Not all the numbers run consecutively; some are missing. Note the following:

• Section UW is not just about welding; there are design and NDE-related subjects in there as well.

• Coverage of welding processes really only starts properly at section UW-27. Before that, the content is more about welded joints themselves, rather than the processes used to weld them.

10.1 Introduction
10.2 Sections UW-1 to UW-5: about joint design
10.3 UW-12: joint efficiencies
10.4 UW-11: RT and UT examinations
10.5 UW-9: design of welded joints
10.6 ASME VIII section UW-11 familiarization questions (set 1)
10.7 Welding requirements of ASME VIII section UW-16
10.8 ASME VIII section UW-16 familiarization questions (set 2)
10.9 RT requirements of ASME VIII sections UW-51 and UW-52
10.10 ASME VIII section UW-51/52 familiarization questions (set 3)
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