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International Conference on Future Computer and Communication, 3rd (ICFCC 2011)

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The small and medium-sized enterprise promotes the national economy development, constructs the market economy main body, the promotion social stability the foundation strength. Especially current, was guaranteeing that the national economy moderate increase, the alleviation employment pressure, realizes aspects and so on rely on science and education to rejuvenate the nation, optimize structure, is playing more and more vital role. Therefore, the correct instruction state-owned Small business reforms, supports each kind of small and medium-sized enterprise development vigorously, has become the current urgent strategic mission. But because the industry gathers the degree to be somewhat low, industrial colony quantity are few, independent innovation ability to be weak and so on question existences, has affected the industrial colony effect display and the colony risk control. Therefore, the transform outmoded habit and custom, the promotion industry colony forms target-oriented; Strengthens the innovation system construction, sharpens the independent innovation ability; The guidance enterprise marries forms an alliance, the promotion industry group develops; Will speed up the financing system construction and so on will be the key point which the industrial colony will construct.

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