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Introduction to Dynamics and Control in Mechanical Engineering Systems

C. W. S. To
C. W. S. To
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The word transducer as used in this chapter has a variety of names in the literature. These latter names are: sensor, probe, gauge, and pick-up. In general terms and in the present context, a transducer is defined as a device or system that measures one form of energy and converts it into another form of energy, typically electrical energy so that it can be recorded, stored, transmitted, and analysed. The literature of transducers or sensors is vast, and therefore in the present chapter only a selected numbers of transducers that are frequently applied to dynamic measurement and feedback control systems are introduced. The term control refers to the process of modifying the dynamic behavior of a system in order to achieve some desired outputs. A system is a combination of components or elements so constructed to achieve an objective or multiple objectives. These definitions and applications of control and system are to appear again from Chapter 8 onwards.

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