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International Conference on Control Engineering and Mechanical Design (CEMD 2017)
Chao Li
Chao Li
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In recent years, with the increasing demand for blasting work, a variety of blasting methods have been applied to the blasting work, but the manual placement of explosives to some extent is risky. There are hundreds of casualties in blasting every year in the world. The technology of a remote installation of explosive materials needs to be studied and applied urgently. This paper presents a controllable mobile blasting scheme based on the six-legged robot structure. Its application of the core control technology is based on the Android system, remote video surveillance technology. In the temporary build of the local area network, only an Android mobile client will be able to operate with the explosion of the six-legged robot to reach the designated area. The test for the six-legged robot we made has been able to complete the barrier function. Overall, the system has a portable, easy to operate and so on. The application of this technology in the future will greatly improve the safety factor of the blasting work.

System Description
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