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International Conference on Control Engineering and Mechanical Design (CEMD 2017)

Chao Li
Chao Li
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The conventional Ultra-compact Combustor (UCC) has obvious temperature distortion at the outlet section, which adversely affects the low-pressure turbine rotor blade working in the Interstage Turbine Burner(ITB). In order to solve this problem, the addition of a circumferential struct located on the upstream channel in the circumferential cavity. Disturbance occurs when the main airflow flows through the circumferential struct, enhance the main airflow and circumferential cavity combustion mixture mixing, make combustion reactions more complete, promote high temperature airflow in the circumferential cavity flowing into the main airflow and improve the outlet temperature field. Numerical simulations were conducted on an UCC configuration with circumferential struct. The feasibility of using circumferential strut to improve outlet temperature field of UCC was investigated and design angle optimization of circumferential strut was carried out. The results showed that circumferential strut with angle of 18 degrees could not only effectively improve outlet temperature distribution, but also make UCC obtain good performance of high combustion efficiency and low pollution emissions.

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