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BioNano Monographs

Biopolymers Based Micro- and Nano-Materials

N. Nwe
N. Nwe
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ASME Press
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Biopolymers such as agar, agarose, alginate, carageenan, cellulose, chitin, chitosan, collagen, hyaluronic acid, gelatin, glucan, starch, DNA, RNA and protein have been produced from laboratory to industrial scale. The physico-chemical properties of these biopolymers such as chemical compositions, solubility, molecular weight and viscosity are of major importance on the preparation of micro- and nanomaterials such as powder, solution, hydrogel, micro- and nano-sized pores in membrane, micro- and nano-fiber, macro- and micro-beads, nano-particles, and micro- and nano-structured scaffold. These micro and nano-materials have been used in various sectors such as agriculture, food, medicine, etc. This monograph will address the source and production methods of biopolymers, properties of biopolymers, preparation of micro- and nano-materials using biopolymers, characterization of micro- and nano-biomaterials and application of micro- and nano-biomaterials.

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