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Engineering the Everyday and the Extraordinary: Milestones in Innovation

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Getting people and things from here to there is essential. Whether crossing town, a river, or an ocean, or even just going upstairs, speed, safety, reliability, and comfort are fundamental concerns. As the world's population has skyrocketed, the need for mass transportation has become more important than ever. Engineers have risen to the challenge. From the bicycle to the bullet train, our ability to navigate our world has improved dramatically. The following stories highlight some of the remarkable feats of engineering, inventors, and inventions that have revolutionized our ability to get from here to there.

George Westinghouse: A Lifetime of Invention
Container Ships: Getting the Goods to Market
The Panama Canal: From Sea to Shining Sea
The Global Positioning System (GPS): Getting a Fix on Where we are
The Brooklyn Bridge: Joining Two Great Cities
The London Underground: Solving the Traffic Problem
Japan's Shinkansen “Bullet” Trains: Fast and Quiet
The Bicycle: Revolutionary Transportation
The Safety Elevator: Lifting People to New Heights
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