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Engineering the Everyday and the Extraordinary: Milestones in Innovation

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Our world isn't always a safe place but it's safer today than it was in the “good old days” thanks to the efforts of the many engineers whose inventions purified dirty water, tamed traffic, and reduced the incidence of catastrophic accidents. Anyone who fights fires or crime, builds buildings or boilers, or simply drives a car or drinks water has had the probability of death or injury by a catastrophic accident dramatically diminished. The ingenuity of engineers in their efforts to minimize the dangers in our lives make for intriguing, inspiring and sometimes surprising stories.

ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code: Setting the Standard for Public Safety
Ceramic Water Filters: Saving Lives at the Source
Backpack Parachute: Lifesaver in the Sky
Kevlar Bulletproof Vests: Protection in the Line of Fire
Gas Mask: A Breath of Relief for Firefighters
Safety Helmets: Major Headway in Industrial Protection
Three-Point Lap and Shoulder Seat Belt: From Aerospace to Autos
Traffic Signals: Full Speed Ahead
Humanitarian Mine Clearance: Making War Zones Safe for Peace
Water Tube Steam Boiler: High-Pressure Power for a Modern World
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