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Engineering the Everyday and the Extraordinary: Milestones in Innovation

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For centuries, when shadows fell and dark of night descended, most human activities were put on hold until they could resume the following morning. Candlelight or gaslight was too expensive, too dangerous and too dim for work to continue. The light bulb, along with the steam engine, transformers, and electric generators changed the rhythm of everyday life. For everything from manufacturing to transportation to communication and beyond, power, along with reliable transmission systems, became essential. The following stories highlight these revolutionary engineering marvels and other innovations that have transformed the way we live.

The Jet Engine: Propelling Commercial Travel
Incandescent Light Bulb: The Beginning of a Brighter Future
Itaipu Dam: A Marvel of Power
Transformer: Revolutionizing the Transmission of Electricity
Solarwall®: A Natural Heating Solution
Electric Generators: Powering the World
Internal Combustion Engine: A Revolution in the Auto Industry
Alta Wind Energy Center: Capturing the Wind
The Steam Engine: Full Steam Ahead in the Industrial Revolution
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