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Engineering the Everyday and the Extraordinary: Milestones in Innovation

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“Keep in touch” is a phrase that dates back to when communicating across a distance required effort and time. People wrote letters by hand and mailed them, and then days, weeks, or even months went by before receiving a reply. Today, cell phones, computers, and the Internet have made communication practically instantaneous. We keep in touch with each other, keep track of our schedules, our business inventories — even our pets. It took a steady flow of engineering innovation to get from that old handwritten correspondence to today's lightning-fast forms of communication.

The Internet: Speeding along the Information Highway
Television: A New Kind of Tube
Universal Product Code: Keeping Tabs on Retail Items
The Linotype Machine: A Turning Point for Newspaper Printing
Cloud Computing: The Virtual Server Room
Mobile Phone: More than Just Taking Calls
RFID: Reuniting Pet Lovers with their Four-Legged Friends
Radio: Opening the Airwaves
The Telegraph: A Revolution in Mass Communications
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