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Case Studies in Transient Heat Transfer With Sensitivities to Governing Variables

M. Kemal Atesmen
M. Kemal Atesmen
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Every heat transfer problem has to satisfy the first law of thermodynamics, namely the law of conservation of energy. Before steady-state conditions are reached, every heat transfer problem is in an unsteady state and energies in a control volume and energies coming in and out of a control volume can change with time. These time dependent energy conservation in a control volume refers to a fascinating and challenging part of heat transfer called the unsteady state or transient heat transfer. This book deals with twenty-four transient heat transfer problems in our everyday lives. Some examples are: How electromagnetic waves coming from our Sun affect our Earth daily and seasonally? How ablating materials are used to capture most of incoming heat loads to protect a spacecraft, its occupants and its instruments, when entering Earth’s atmosphere at very high speeds? How frost damage penetrates a spherical and ripe orange when there is a sudden change in outside temperature at night? How much time it takes to roast one piece beef as rare and another same size piece as well done?

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